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“Fertility and Intimacy”

a Presentation by Denise Wiesner

In this presentation, Denise discusses how to keep intimacy alive while trying to conceive. Chinese Medicine can help you reconnect in your relationship, and keep the pressure of baby-making at bay. Watch as Denise shares the eastern secrets needed to reignite passion and learn how to Conceive with Love.


“Trying Buffalo Horn Massage”

with This is Mythical on YouTube

In this episode of This is Mythical, the girls visit Denise to try out Gua Sha Massage for the first time.

Gua Sha promotes circulation to the muscles and organs, and drains the lymphatic system, stimulating detoxification as fluids carry nutrients to the tissues and metabolic wastes are carried away.

If you’ve ever wondered about the power of Gua Sha, and if this ancient treatment is for you, this video is an excellent way to experience what your first time on Denise’s table will be like. Well, without the YouTube camera there, of course.



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Rational Wellness with Dr. Ben Weitz

Denise Wiesner, LAc discusses Fertility and Sexual Intimacy with Dr. Ben Weitz. Denise Wiesner is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and certified sex coach. She is the founder of Natural Healing and Acupuncture in West Los Angeles, where she sees patients 310-473-7474, and the website is NaturalHealingAcupuncture.com.