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with Denise Wiesner

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Let’s talk about

fertility and sexuality

…because we’ve been quiet for too long.



Sometimes it feels like our bodies are betraying us. We wonder why we can’t get pregnant naturally, or why we have certain struggles and behaviors during sex and intimacy. We have questions that we don’t want to ask, and we come to believe there is something wrong with us, so we turn inward. Often, we accept these issues as part of who we are, leading us to manage only the symptoms instead of finding and treating the root cause of our problem.



If you’re ready to be guided through real solutions

If you’re ready to become empowered

If you’re ready to treat your mind, body, and soul as one

coaching might be for you…


We initially came here for a supplemental acupuncture treatment to IVF, but Dr Denise opened up a whole new world of Sex therapy for us! She’s been great letting us be free from the whole baby making pressure, talk about our little issues we’ve never be able to get answer from our fertility doctors, and enjoy having sex again and even more!” I’d recommend Dr Denise to any couples trying for a baby or even just needing someone to freely talk about sex
— Coaching client

Fertility Coaching

Creating life is a true miracle, but it’s not an easy journey for everyone. Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally, using reproductive medicine, or freezing your eggs, I am here to write custom herbal formulas, recommend nutritional supplements, suggest exercises and meditations, and help you navigate the complex emotions and decisions you’ll encounter along the way.

If you’ve ever wished there was someone to talk to about navigating your fertility journey, and the impact it has on your lifestyle, Fertility Coaching may be for you. I work with both couples and singles, and offer coaching both locally in Los Angeles and remotely via video conferencing.


Fertility, Sex & Intimacy Coaching

What gets in the way of having the most intimate connection possible while trying to make a baby? Sometimes it’s about issues such as pressure to perform, or limiting beliefs or maybe you have trouble communicating with each other. Fertility baby-making sex can be also bring up other issues in the relationship.

It is not surprising that many women and men feel alone in the dark when it comes to intimacy and sexuality. There is so much shame and guilt around sexuality that one of the reasons I decided to become a sex coach was to help my struggling patients create more intimacy through healthy communication. But in a culture where sexuality has become shameful, sometimes discussion can feel uncomfortable, leaving both feeling alone and unheard in a relationship.

Coaching services are available worldwide via video conferencing, or in-person at Denise’s LA office.

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Fertility Coaching

1 Hour Consultation Session: $349*

What you’ll get:

❣️ A custom designed fertility plan

❣️ Personalized diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplement recommendations

❣️ Custom written herbal formulas

❣️ Guidance through the process

What to expect:

Women: We will go over your menstrual cycle, blood tests (if you have them), digestion, sleep, and emotional well-being. You’ll receive lifestyle suggestions about diet, supplements, how to manage stress, and the best times to make a baby.

Men: We will go over how to maximize your sperm with lifestyle suggestions, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements tailored specifically for you.

*Includes follow-up treatment plan

30 min follow up call or video conference: $120


Fertility Coaching is great for women with PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, low sex drive, unexplained infertility, high FSH, poor responders to fertility drugs, preparing for IUI or IVF, advanced maternal age.


Package A:

Initial one hour consult

plus two (2) half hour follow-up calls



Package B:

Initial one hour consult

plus three (3) half hour follow-up calls




Fertility, Sex & Intimacy Coaching

1 Hour Consultation Session: $250*

What to expect:

Exploration of your relationship through the ‘baby-making’ journey. I utilize a variety of techniques taken from pioneers in the field of sexology — exercises from the taoist and tantra traditions, make lifestyle recommendations, and guide you to a discovery of self that will empower you to embrace sexuality like never before.

What you’ll get:

❣️ Open discussion about sexuality in a non-judgmental setting.

❣️ Exercises and solutions designed specifically to complement your conception plan — whether through western reproductive treatments or trying on your own.

*Sessions can be booked alone or with your partner


Package A

Initial one hour consult

plus two (2) one-hour follow up calls

$450 (save $50)


Package B

Initial one hour consult

plus three (3) one-hour follow up calls

$650 (save $100)

My wife and I initially came to Denise for acupuncture sessions to help us having a baby and our first session had an unexpected turn : we openly spoke about our sexual life and history with past partners. It was eye opening for us as a couple, but especially for me as a man. I’ve lived up until recently with a trauma from my past relationship which affected my sexual life, but never talked about it openly with anyone, nor was I fully aware of its impact on me, and indirectly us. Denise’s words, attention and support unlocked that taboo, and helped me putting words on that trauma for the first time. Our weekly sessions helped me to better understand my past, acknowledge it and how to free my mind so I could enjoy a better sexual life. I would recommend any one, particularly men, to not be afraid of talking about their own personal stories that can affect their intimacy with their partner, because there’s nothing to be ashamed about, and for me Denise was a key part on that healing journey.
— Coaching client